Wine passion

First things first- I’d like to get a few things straight… I’m not a wine expert, I’m not a wine snob, and I truly believe that if you enjoy a glass of wine that is not considered ‘fine’ or ‘fashionable’, then good for you!

Having developed a passion for wine over the last few years, my tastes have changed with the weather, my moods, and my ‘changing palette’ as my mother would say. I’ve had my favourites ridiculed and I’ve been told that my palette is ‘immature’ when enjoying a nice glass of sweet, icy cold rosé on a hot summer’s day.

It was not until I was introduced to the beauty of southern Spain and the wonders of Mediterranean cuisine that I developed a taste for red wine, and only then was I accepted amongst the wine connoisseurs in my family for having a more refined ability to discriminate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ wine. What makes me wonder now though is why there is such a stuffy attitude to wine. Why can’t it be something we all enjoy matched with a particular dish, when socialising with friends or to help us wind down after a long day?

What I want to do is make wine accessible and enjoyable for all. This blog will follow my journey in exploring various wines from various regions of various countries, in all the different colours- red, white and rosé! It will document ones I have enjoyed, ones I was not so keen on, ones to watch out for, and there may be the odd food recipe in there for inspiration.

I feel at this point I must include a disclaimer for all the wine connoisseurs out there- I am new to the art of wine tasting and, as a student, am not privy to the higher end of the wine market. I will, no doubt, embarrass myself along the way, whether it is due to my poor use of technical terms or appalling geographical knowledge. If  you are willing to join me, make some mistakes with me and hopefully learn a few things along the way, then I hope you enjoy this blog.


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