Mulled wine

As it’s still pretty chilly out there, I love nothing more than snuggling up in the warm when I get home from uni or work. When a steaming mug of hot chocolate won’t hit the spot, then it has to be mulled wine (yes, I know Christmas is over, but the cold weather is clinging on!).

Whenever I get a scent of this hot spiced wine, I get flashbacks of visiting the Christmas markets  in Brussels or Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and the taste of it makes putting on every layer I own in the morning absolutely worth it!

Having walked home from the station yesterday afternoon in the biting wind, I couldn’t resist grabbing a saucepan, cutting up an orange and an apple and reaching for one of the leftover bottles of Sainsburys Taste the Difference Mulled Wine my dad stocked up on (I was too cold/lazy to spend time making my own- but this recipe with brandy and Grand Marnier is a winner if you fancy making it yourself-

This variety, blended from Tempranillo and Merlot (I recommend using a nice, reasonably priced, medium- bodied merlot such La Gioiosa Merlot Veneto if making your own) ‘with flavours of orange peel, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla’ is deliciously sweet and spicy and, at 12% alcohol it’s an excellent winter warmer, as the bottle suggests… Just don’t assume that since its ready- made mulled wine that it must be watered down and low in alcohol, as my mother did when she added a toddy of brandy to ‘warm us up a bit’. Needless to say afternoon naps were required!


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