Torres Viña Sol

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was very excited to find this little treasure in Sainsburys for just a fiver last Saturday (as it’s generally priced at around £7 a bottle).

 This particular wine is made from Paradella grapes in the Penedes region of southern Spain and when visiting the area, it truly is one of my favourites. Plus, you can pick it up in most hypermarkets on the Costa del Sol for just a few Euros.

 Here’s why I love it:

With, as the bottle suggests, wonderful flavours of apple and pineapple, this truly is a fabulous Spanish wine. The bottle describes it as well balanced and light with a ‘finely acidic edge’, plus at 11.5% alcohol, its light on your head too!

On first smell, this pale coloured wine offers a delicious slightly nutty, creamy aroma and the taste, unlike some wines, does not let you down. The promises of a silky, elegant finish hinted at in the smell are ever- present in the tasting. The acidity is so subtle that it adds a crisp finish to this wine without acting as an astringent. The delicious nutty flavour, much to my delight, hangs around for several seconds, even minutes after swallowing (I’m sorry; I absolutely cannot spit this wine out).

In terms of food matching, I would recommend keeping things simple; avoid heavy sauces or flavours and stick to lighter dishes such as fish, chicken and salads. This wine would go excellently as an aperitif served with some seafood canapés or Spanish tapas… absolutely divine!

Make sure you pop to Sainsburys on your way home from work to snap up a few of these bottles for your wine rack- you won’t regret it! I also have it on good authority that you can pick up a box of 6 bottles for a very reasonable price at Costco should the offer end at Sainsburys any time soon.


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