Online Shopping

Lugging bottles of wine home from the supermarket is a practice that is fast wearing thin on me, especially since the plastic bags are so flimsy (and I’m fed up of receiving tutting noises from the cashier when I take more than one- I re-use them!), so this week I’ve decided to resort to mass purchasing online to save time, money and my biceps!

This month I’m stocking up the wine cellar (well, the rack under the stairs) with a couple of cases from Tesco Wine by the Case since I’ve got a few quids worth of club card points to use up. As I didn’t have much time to browse, I chose two mixed cases:

The White World Tour Mixed Case and The Super Spring Reds Mixed Case.

At a combined cost of £55 for 12 bottles, along with free next day delivery and club card savings, this turned out to be a bargain online spending sesh.

Next month (well, once my mother, my boyfriend and I have worked our way through this batch), I plan on looking into Slurp’s online offers, especially since they have an Express service which allows you to purchase just one or two bottles, for next day delivery. That’s the only downside of Tesco’s service; they have a minimum order of 12 bottles of wine (or 6 bottles of champagne); not ideal if you’re lacking in storage space.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks when I’ll be reviewing these bottles and attempting to find the perfect food match!

Happy drinking…


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