La Tour de Marrenon Côtes du Lubéron

Last night, whilst on a drinks and dinner jaunt round at my sister’s flat, two discoveries were made…

The first, rather amusingly was that their new hamster, who they believed was male, and subsequently named ‘Carlos’ after the football player, Carlos Tevez (her boyfriend is a bit of a fan!), is in fact a little girl now to be named Carla/ Carly/ Carletta (all suggestions welcome)…

The other was that a nice glass of La Tour de Marrenon Côtes du Lubéron, a white variety from France, which we grabbed on a trolley dash round Tesco, goes brilliantly with a Chinese takeaway…

This is what the bottle had to say; ‘A wonderful combination of the fat, ripe peachy Grenache Blanc and the floral, aromatic and spicy Vermentino grapes which gives a wine that is fresh and citrussy but has the richness of ripe grapes with hints of nectarines.’

Interestingly it also recommended that you drink this with ‘green chicken’, which we assumed was Thai green chicken curry (?!)

While we didn’t get much spiciness through, the juicy peach flavours are definitely there. With a dry, crisp finish, this went excellently with some sesame prawn toast, Singapore noodles and chicken with black bean and green peppers!

This wine was on offer from £9.49, down to just under £5 a bottle, but I’m afraid the offer ends soon so unless you make a last minute run to Tesco before they shut, you might have to keep an eye out for this one next time you want a wine to accompany your crispy duck pancakes.


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