Bottle 1 of 12- Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico 2009, Italy

Having cracked open the two cases we received through from Tesco on Friday, after a little browse through our stash, we (my mum and I), decided to open this particular bottle simply because we fancied a white wine, and it was such a novel shape!

Having chilled it all day in the fridge, upon removing the cork, I was hit with a slightly oaky, almost Chardonnay scent straight away. This initially turned me off since I’ve never been a massive fan of Chardonnay, yet the taste was completely surprising; a deliciously fruity hint of pineapple combined with the subtle nuttiness of almonds, with a dry, yet creamy and elegant aftertaste.

There was no reverse label on this bottle, but Tesco state on their website that ‘Fans of Sauvignon Blanc will love this elegant, floral-scented Verdicchio from central Italy’ and (being an established Sav fan) I would have to agree!

We thoroughly enjoyed the silkiness of this wine, and felt it went excellently with the pork stroganoff we had for dinner. Whilst this wine is well suited to easy drinking, in terms of food pairing, I’d recommend a creamy dish such as a carbonara (sticking with the Italian theme), or an easier mid- week favourite, macaroni cheese.



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2 responses to “Bottle 1 of 12- Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico 2009, Italy

  1. Mmm sounds like it’s worth a try *trots off to Tesco* xxx

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