Tesco Dine in- 2 for £10

After a pretty stressful week, I really didn’t fancy cooking last night, and my indulgences in cake and chocolate throughout the week made a takeaway a pretty undesirable option too, so on my way home from work, I popped into Tesco to grab a pizza (for some reason I thought this was less naughty than ordering Dominoes!)

Browsing the ready- made aisle, I came across their Finest Dine in for £10 range which includes 1 Main + 1 Side + 1 Dessert + 1 Drink for just £10, so I decided to opt for that. From the quite narrow, but equally delicious looking selection, I chose the Spinach and Ricotta (a combination I can never resist!) filo parcels, with a side of green vegetables and mint butter, and for dessert, Gu Chocolate melting puddings (naughty, yes I know!)

Of the four bottles of wine on offer, there were two which are regularly reduced in Tesco; Dino Pinot Grigio and Dino Sangiovese, but I wanted to try something new. The third option was Leopards Leap Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, which I have not tried, but it was such a gorgeous sunny day outside, and I didn’t fancy a red, so instead I selected the Tesco Finest Navarra Rosé from Spain. This had a sweetness rating of 2 (so quite dry) and promised flavours of red berries, and a ‘light, crisp finish’.

The wine had a beautiful deep blush colour to it and there was definitely an aroma of strawberries present, although it was slightly heady, which made me think of vodka jellies (sweet and alcoholic!) The taste was slightly acidic but this didn’t linger and the finish was rather dry, with a hint of liquorice (remember strawberry laces?)

The wine did go pleasantly with the filo parcels and the Gu puds which we demolished while watching Toy Story 3 (great film!), and I can imagine it would work well in a summer picnic basket. For me, though, it’s one of those wines I’m not entirely sure about.

Having said that, the food was yummy and it all cost just £10, so I can’t really complain!


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