Bottle 3 of 12- Comté De Belot Buzet 2007, France

For a wine that claims to be ‘vibrant’ with ‘enticing aromas of nettles and grass with mouth-watering flavours of citrus and tropical fruits’, using ‘a traditional Bordeaux blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc’, this was something of a disappointment.

This wine was selected (from the 4 remaining in the case of 6 whites we ordered from Tesco) to accompany our roast chicken lunch this afternoon. Since it claimed to go well with chicken dishes, we were looking forward to giving it a go alongside our dinner, however, my mum, my boyfriend, and I, all found this to be a non- starter. With (very) subtle fruit flavours and just a slight crispness to the finish, this wine was bland and forgettable.

In a case of 6 wines that cost just £27, we can’t really complain, but individually, this wine comes in at an overpriced £9 a bottle!

My verdict: opt for the Wairau Cove sauvignon blanc (previously reviewed)- delicious and cheap at £5.24 a bottle.


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