Bottle 5 of 12- La Capilla Sauvignon Blanc Macabeo 2009, Spain

On Saturday night we had a yummy, light cous cous and feta salad for dinner, and from the last of the 3 whites in the Tesco case, we decided on this particular bottle that claimed to go well with ‘summer salads’.

Now, rarely do I encounter a wine that I dislike enough to feel the need to pour it down the sink, however this supposedly ‘crisp, clean wine’ with ‘wonderful characteristics of juicy apple and vibrant citrus’ was one of those wines.

This blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Macabeo grapes from the La Mancha region of Spain had an unpleasant deep yellow colour to it and revealed none of the pineapple or crunchy apples flavours it promised, just a distinct after taste of sulphites!

Initially my mum and I were suspicious that this might have had something to do with the fact that we popped it in the freezer because time was short before dinner (which I’ve heard is a bit of a no- no in the wine world? Opinions welcome!), but we subsequently did the same with a cheapy I’d grabbed from Sainsburys on my way home from work (the bottle of La Capilla has been reserved for use in cooking or chucking out!), and this didn’t appear to affect the flavour at all… On top of this my friend Ella, also a keen wine fan, found her bottle of La Capilla from the same Tesco case to be tasteless and watery.

In light of this, may I recommend the crisp and delicate Jacques Lurton Sauvignon Blanc 2009 from France (well, Sainsburys). While lacking in the deep gooseberry and elderflower flavours normally associated with a Sauvignon Blanc, it has subtle citrus and passion fruit flavours with a tart finish. For light drinking alongside salads, this wine would be an ideal choice.


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