A Cheapy for the Barbie

A bit of sun sees all (yes all) of my neighbours donning their cooking gloves and lighter fluid and heading for the garden for a BBQ, and not wanting to be outdone yesterday, so did we… To accompany the burgers, sausages, potato salad, quiche, coleslaw (we had a lot of food!), I made a quick dash to Sainsburys where I discovered their extensive range of ‘House Wines’, all at under a fiver.

This range was designed to make the wine aisle more accessible; for people who want to grab a bottle of merlot, or chardonnay without having to browse and read all the labels. In a rush, I grabbed a couple of the Sauvignon Blancs (£3.99 a bottle!) and headed for the cash till.

Now, before you close your minds completely, hear me out. While slightly lacking in body, this wine had a refreshing, fruity taste and left the palate clean, without any acidity. For easy drinking in the garden on a hot summer’s day (and if you have lots of guests), I recommend picking up a few of these from your local Sainsbury’s. Try some of their other house wines while you’re at it, and let me know what you think!


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