The final white- Bottle 7 of 12- McWilliams Hanwood Estate Riesling 2007, Australia

Riesling, like Chardonnay, can in my opinion, be somewhat changeable in flavour. To put it another way, it is rarely a wine that I would choose for myself. But, since it was in our Tesco case, my mum and I gave it a go alongside a chicken stir fry last week (the bottle recommended pairing it with Asian cuisine).

While we expected ‘rich, yet lively’ ‘delightful flavours of lime and melon’ from ‘this award- winning Riesling’, what we got were strong limey flavours and a distinct steely edge. After a couple of sips I was reminded of the scent that meets your nostrils when filling up at the petrol station. I know I am being a little harsh here, and to be fair it wasn’t unpleasant alongside the food (perhaps it would be nice with a curry and a couple of spicy samosas); but I wouldn’t recommend this one for easy drinking, or to go with anything light on the palate!

Maybe Rieslings aren’t for me, since I have yet to try one I like, but I welcome any suggestions!

This wine marked the end of our case of 6 whites from Tesco Wine, which have, in all, been a little disappointing. While on a budget (£27 for the lot), they have encouraged me to try wines I might otherwise have overlooked (like the Spencer Bay Chardonnay which I loved, and the Riesling, which I didn’t!), a couple, such as the La Capilla Sauvignon Blanc, and the Comté de Buzet, have really missed the spot!


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