Spend a little

Generally when ordering a glass of wine in a bar or pub up the City, I opt for the house Sauvignon Blanc. This is not purely because of price, but in Europe (France and Spain especially), the house wine is supposed to represent one of the nicer wines the venue has to offer (although how true this is of the UK, I’m not too sure).

Anyway, while out for pre- birthday- dinner drinks with my boyfriend Luke at All Bar One on Friday, I asked him to get me a glass of their house Sauvignon Blanc which, at £3.40 a glass, is reasonably priced and goes down pretty well with some of their small plates (the box baked camembert and tiger prawns are delicious!). When he returned from the bar, however, he plonked a glass of their more expensive Stopbanks Sauvignon Blanc down on the table in front of me with the statement ‘it is nearly your birthday!’ before I even had the chance to protest.

At just under £2 more expensive per glass than the house option, this New Zealand white is a little pricey for regular after work drinks, but with well rounded passion fruits flavours and a lingering citrus note in the finish, this was definitely worth the price.

While I’m not recommending spending above your means every time you fancy a glass of wine in London, my advice would be; take the time to peruse the menu for a wine that you will enjoy, and don’t be afraid to ask for a wine list or recommendation from the staff if no menu is out on display. After all, what’s the point of spending less on a glass of wine that you don’t enjoy, or that is only so- so?


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