Sherry trifle

A tad old- fashioned but a firm favourite in my house (if it ain’t broke…) is a sherry trifle. Not only is it great at this time of year when we’re all thinking about dusting off the barbeque (although today looks a bit cloudy!), it’s also a good way to make use of any leftover Christmas sherry, which as a fortified wine, is deserving of a place on this blog.

Here’s what you’ll need…
Quantities are dependent on what size bowl you use and how thick you like each layer:

Madeira sponge cake
Few glugs of good quality dry sherry (I usually go for Croft)
500g box of frozen fruit- fresh fruit works too but I don’t put jelly in this trifle and frozen fruit seems to ooze into the sponge and custard nicely
1 or 2 tins Ambrosia custard (there is a low fat version to make you feel less guilty)
1 large pot double cream (no low fat equal to this I’m afraid)
Small Cadburys flake bar for crumbling over the top

Here’s how…

1. Cut the sponge cake into 1cm pieces and layer across the bottom of the bowl
2. Pour a few tablespoons sherry over the cake
3. Put the fruit on top
4. Spoon over the custard and put the trifle into the fridge for a few hours to set -home made custard sets much better but I’m an Ambrosia fan
5. Whisk the cream with an electric whisk (if you’ve got one) to save your poor forearms, until it forms soft peaks
6. Carefully spoon the cream over the custard- this can take some time as the custard may still be wobbly
7. Crumble the flake over the top to decorate
8. You can then eat this straight away, or prepare it a day in advance to allow the layers to set and blend together


(picture to follow)


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