Guest Post 1- Grand Reserve De Bergerac Sauvignon, 2010, by Sarah

My sister Sarah told me about a pleasant wine she had yesterday with dinner and, since I can’t drink and review wine everyday (well, at least not without feeling decidedly guilty); I encouraged her to write a post for me, so here it is…

‘Last night, as it was Friday and my boyfriend and I actually had a night in for once, I decided to cook something nice and wanted to choose a lovely wine to accompany the meal. We popped to Sainsburys and found a fantastic offer of 2 for £10 on selected wines, most of which were over £9.99 each anyway, so we chose an Italian Merlot and a French Sauvignon/Semillon blend.

I cooked a delicious chicken and chorizo paella for dinner (and it was a success!) so thought that the white wine would compliment this the most…

The Grand Reserve De Bergerac Sauvignon Blanc/ Semillon, 2010 promises fresh lemony flavours with a honeysuckle softness and recommends food pairings such as white fish and salmon. It really did go excellently with the paella and definitely delivers on its promises, although I couldn’t really get any honeysuckle from it!

It had a fresh, zesty scent (almost like freshly cut grass) and does at first seem quite acidic but, upon tasting, it is smooth yet dry with a little acidity, lemony hints and a slight pear aftertaste.

All in all very enjoyable; it would be lovely to enjoy while sitting in a sunny beer garden! I’m not sure I would pay the £9.99 that it is usually sold for but for me it is well worth buying if you can get it on offer.’


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One response to “Guest Post 1- Grand Reserve De Bergerac Sauvignon, 2010, by Sarah

  1. mo

    not normally a white wine drinker, prefer red, but had this bottle of bergerac grande reserve 2008 laying in my shed fridge so thought as I’d give it a try,and not expecting to be converted from red to white,to my amaz
    ement I was very impressed,so much so, almost finished the bottle !! I’m not one who can procrastinate about the various complexities of a particular wine,but suffice to say, this is very palatable, very very palatable

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