Bottle 12 of 12- Cape Peak Collection Pinotage, 2010

‘Ripe dark berry fruit aromas and flavours’… the bottle didn’t give a lot away about the last red of our Tesco wine case. Rather than making food recommendations or providing specific tasting notes, it focussed more on the region of South Africa where it came from.

With no clues on the bottle, this tasting was somewhat blind…

The scent gave way to strong blackcurrant aromas, delicate and enticing; I was looking forward to the first sip. I have to say though, that first sip was rather strange; I was instantly hit by a strong tobacco flavour which was pretty unpleasant, leaving a burnt aftertaste in my mouth. A second opinion from my mother confirmed this observation (and neither of us are smokers!)

Not willing to be defeated, we went in again, only to find that the tobacco flavour had faded, making way for spicy tannin undertones. It went well alongside the spaghetti Bolognese we had for dinner.

My verdict; a slow burner.


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