Bank Holiday Drinking

Bank holiday weekends (on top of post-exam celebrations) call for drinks in your local on a Sunday night! Not wanting to miss out, that’s where my family and I headed the night before last…

My sister’s local pub, the Mawney Arms in Romford, holds twice weekly quiz nights (on Wednesdays and Sundays), but since they start at 9pm, we’ve only ever gone when none of us have to get up for work the next day!

After 6pm on Sunday evenings all bottles of wine are just £8, so my mum, my sister and I decided to go for something different to our usual Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc.

In between trying to answer the quiz questions (emphasis on ‘trying’), we gave the menu a browse, eventually agreeing on a bottle of Casillero Del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc….

Pale golden in colour, bursting with citrus notes and gooseberry flavours it was definitely a good choice! The aftertaste was crisp and firm; a delight to drink!

I recommend pairing this Sauvignon Blanc with light seafood dishes in order to fully appreciate what it has to offer. Since it costs just £5.99 per bottle at Majestic (if you buy 2), I’m considering stocking up and drinking it alongside a delicious sushi supper.

Despite losing the quiz we had a great night…


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