El Coto Real Reserva 2004

During my first week at Phipps PR, I came by a bottle of this red Rioja…

Last Sunday evening, after a day spent outside in the rain at a local community event, I was chilled to the bone!

For dinner, my mum had prepared a BBQ spread (obviously to be cooked under the grill rather than on a BBQ, given the weather conditions!) with succulent home made beef and chilli burgers, herby pork sausages and a whole selection of salads (potato, leafy, bean, coleslaw- we had a lot of food!) To accompany this, and to warm myself up, I decided to crack open the Reserva…

With deep blackberry notes in the scent, I was looking forward to the first taste- the rich tannins and lingering finish of this red made it the perfect companion to our meaty (albeit not very sophisticated) dinner. I couldn’t quite place the peppered, earthy flavours of this red at first, until I tucked into the beetroot salad….

Quite a traditional red Rioja, (depending on personal taste of course) this is one to be enjoyed alongside food, rather than for easy drinking.

While slightly higher on the price scale at £14.99 from Booths, The Wine Society and various independent wine merchants, this red Rioja doesn’t pull any punches- a great example of full bodied Spanish red wine!

For more information on all the different types and varieties of Rioja, have a look here.


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