Blushing rosé

I’ve always had a bit of a rocky relationship with rosé… on a hot, sunny day, the idea of a cool pink glass of wine is tempting, but I like them dry, and all too often I end up being disappointed by an overly sweet or heady drink.

Despite my disappointment, I still tend to opt for rosé over red wine during the summer months.

Recent figures from Nielson show that demand for ‘the once hugely fashionable pink wine has dropped, with sales by volume falling 2%’. Despite this, taking up a large chunk of the market, blushing wines, which come in slightly cheaper than the average bottle of red or white wine, remain popular.

Often I hear people praising the versatility of rosé, so in a bid to find one I really enjoy, (while on a budget) I decided to go for Tesco’s Drink Pink Mixed Case priced at just £28 (down from £52!), containing these six bottles:

– Palo Alto Shiraz Rosé Reserva 2010, Chile, 13%
– La Capilla Merlot Rosé 2009, Spain, 12%
– Maurel Vedeau Syrah-Grenache Rosé 2009, France, 12.5%
– Roko Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2010, Chile, 12.5%
– Faustino Rivero Rioja Rosado 2009, Spain, 12.5%
– Kumala Eternal Shiraz Rosé 2010, South Africa, 13%

Alongside a light supper of asparagus soup and foccacia bread on Sunday evening, we opened the first of the 6 bottles; the Palo Alto.

Deep pink in colour, at 13% it is hardly surprising this rosé was slightly heady… with pleasant raspberry flavours in the tasting, I was slightly put off by the sweet syrupy scent at first, but a glass alongside some wensleydale with cranberries after our soup was delish!

While, for me, this wasn’t an easy drinking rosé, I would recommend trying it alongside a dish you might usually pair with a light red wine.

Pretty tasty with some prawn skewers and a beef burger at a barbeque I’d say!


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