The title of this post explains why I haven’t written much lately; rather than drinking wine, I’ve been abstaining from it…

Last weekend, in preparation for my holiday to Lake Viñuela in Spain at the end of this month, I began digging out all my summer clothes and planning outfits. It was going pretty well until I tried on my denim shorts, which were more than a little too tight for comfort. Without the time, money, or inclination to buy a whole new summer wardrobe, I decided to go on a detox (the exact time scale is yet to be determined).

This detox involves no caffeine, dairy, meat or alcohol (sigh). So far I’ve made it three days and surprisingly the thing I’m missing most is a nice cuppa- peppermint tea just doesn’t hit the spot! Soya milk on my morning weetabix is actually rather tasty and, although I was practically pawing at the chilli con carne my parents had for dinner last night, I don’t feel tired or lethargic at all (yes I know it has only been three days).

Not wanting to make it too easy for me, as we speak my mum is enjoying a nice cold glass of white wine while I nurse a nice cold glass of water! I’m pretty sure by the weekend I’ll give in, but hopefully by that point the shorts will fit, my skin will be gleaming and I’ll feel fab (here’s hoping) and ready to indulge in some Spanish food and wine.

I’ll keep you posted.


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