Goodbye detox, hello Rioja!

I lasted 4 days and the detox officially ended with a bang over the weekend… Friday’s dinner of steak with a delicious glass of Campo Viejo Reserva Rioja on the side, bursting with sharp redcurrants and cinnamon spice started it!

Then came Rioja Tapas Fantasticas; granted, I was working, but the weekend officially put me in the mood for my Spanish holiday and effectively ended what was a rather miserable, hungry week! A weekend spent sampling a variety of tapas dishes (the montaditos from More than Tapas were amazing!), looking on jealously as literally thousands of people sampled wine from the 28 wineries that were pitched up, with the sun lighting up Tower Bridge like a Lego build… what more could you ask for?

As luck would have it, bottle 2 of our 6 rosés from Tesco turned out to be this delightful Faustino Rivero Ulecia Rosado 2010…

Enticing on the nose with refreshing, dry and fruity flavours, this rosé, made from the garnacha grape in the Riojan area of Arnedo, topped off a tiring but excellent weekend!

My verdict on the detox experience? While the shorts fit, I think I would rather put in 6 months of hard graft at the gym than put myself through last week again.

Tomorrow I shall be drinking milky coffees for breakfast, sipping wine/ cocktails on the terrace and stuffing my face with Spanish food. The pool will be my exercise!

Hasta luego!


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