Poolside Sipping

Shattered after an early morning start (2.30am!), our first night spent in Spain was a night in watching The Apprentice with an easy- to- cook meal and a bottle of wine priced at just €3.69 from the local supermarket..

The bottle in question, a white Antonio Barbadillo Castillo San Diego 2010, is bursting with ripe peachy flavours and has a creamy, buttery finish. This wine is the perfect aperitif before any meal, and is delightful sipped from a glass by the pool in the scorching Spanish sunshine.

We had this white alongside a dinner of spicy, garlicky prawn pasta which was pleasant, however the low acidity of the wine meant that rather than cutting through the chilli (as a Chardonnay might), it exaggerated it. That pasta packed a punch!

Perhaps not the best food/ wine match but I’ll certainly be stocking up on some bottles for easy drinking throughout our holiday! I’m even drinking a glass as I type.



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  1. Sounds delicious. Have a lovely holiday! 🙂 xxx

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