Competa Vino Seco Moscatel

During some pre- holiday research, I came across the Wine Museum located in Competa. Just 40 minutes by car from where we stay in Puente Don Manuel, in the south of Spain, I couldn’t resist squeezing in a visit while we were there!

Unfortunately, after a mission of a drive up one of Spain’s treacherous winding roads, with my sister complaining of car sickness in the back, we finally arrived to find the restaurant- come- museum closed for the afternoon (we didn’t factor in siesta time!)

It wasn’t a wasted visit, however, since not only did this self- contained little town have stunning views of the surrounding countryside, but we also discovered a couple of shops selling 1 litre bottles of locally produced wine for just €3.50!

We had no idea what we were looking at but were keen to give one a try, so I picked up a white bottle with the word ‘seco’ on the front, meaning ‘dry’ (the first thing I learnt how to ask for in Spanish was ‘una copa de vino blanco seco’- a glass/ cup of dry white wine!)

Once back to our apartment, I put the bottle in the fridge to chill- ready for a pre- dinner drink after we were finished sunning ourselves by the pool…

This wine was deep golden and straw-like in colour with a light sherry scent to it. The first sip filled my mouth with peaches and cream, and the aftertaste was nutty and delightful. My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed it (although at 14% we limited ourselves to one small glass each before dinner).

For me, this wine is a perfect example of a traditional Spanish aperitif, and would be great alongside a variety of tapas dishes.

We also used a couple of splashes to add an extra level of flavour to a sausage pasta we made later in the week- delish!

A bit of post- holiday research informed me that every year, on the 15th August, Competa holds their ‘Noche del Vino’ (Night of the Wine) festival; a day-long wine-filled party involving a demonstration of ‘la pisa de la uva’ (treading on grapes) followed by a delicious lunch of sardines, chorizo, salads, and ‘migas de harina’ (meat, garlic, and fried breadcrumbs). Unfortunately I wont be in Spain to witness what sounds like an amazing day, but I plan on incorporating it into next year’s summer visit to the Costa del Sol!



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2 responses to “Competa Vino Seco Moscatel

  1. You should try the sweet wine as well. And the other Bodegas; Jarel (excellent dry white table wine) and Bodega Bentomiz) (a modern bodega near Sayalonga).

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