An Unimpressive Aperitif!

Just a short post today to say that bottle 3 of our 6 rosés was incredibly disappointing.

On Sunday evening, since we were going out for an Indian meal, I was rifling through the Tesco case looking for a suitable aperitif or for something that paired well with spicy food. This rosé professed to do just that…

(excuse the poor camera skills!)

Ever the sophisticated diner, my pre- dinner nibbles consisted of some spicy Bombay mix and chilli cashew nuts. Before tainting my taste buds with those, I had a sip of this pale amber wine.

Despite claiming to contain ‘subtle notes of pomegranate, grapefruit and raspberry on the nose’, I found it entirely lacking in aroma (too subtle for me I’m afraid), and on the palate, it was not ‘crisp and refreshing’, but highly acidic with an unpleasant alcoholic aftertaste (not too dissimilar to the taste left in your mouth after one too many vodkas on a night out!)

I did try to find something positive to say about it, but even with a mouthful of Bombay mix, I just couldn’t bring myself to drink it!

So far, only one of the 3 rosés has come up trumps – I’ll keep you posted on the rest!


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