Conde de Valdemar ‘Finca Alto Cantabria’ Fermentado en Barrica Blanco 2010

It is no secret that I love Spanish wine, and given that Wines from Rioja is a key client at Phipps PR where I work, it should come as no surprise that I tend to get rather excited whenever I spot a bottle of Rioja in shops or on a restaurant menu.

Over the last few months, I have learnt that Rioja is home to a whole variety of wines- many of which are white or rosé. Rioja does not just mean ‘red’ as many people (including me a year or so ago) believe.

Recently I came across this barrel-fermented white wine from Rioja…

The 2009 bottle is available for £12.95 from – and while this is double what I might usually pay for a bottle of wine (I still have the student mindset), this wine is, in my opinion, completely worth it!

Golden yellow in colour with a greenish tint, this wine is incredibly fruity on the nose with apple and melon flavours. Intensely oaky and full bodied, it gives way to rounded peach flavours in the tasting.

I loved this wine, however, given that it is oaked, I would say it is definitely one to pair with food. In our case, we partnered it with mozzarella stuffed chicken wrapped in Parma ham (not very Spanish I know!) The salty flavours of the ham complimented the oakiness of this wine perfectly, although I would perhaps opt for a goat’s cheese over mozzarella next time.


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