Moroccan Wine at Momo’s

I was first introduced to Mo café during my friend Angharad’s quirky hen do, where we indulged in some delicious savoury and sweet snacks served as part of the afternoon tea (which I fully recommend by the way!)

(picture courtesy of the bride to be)

Once we’d had our fill of sweet mint tea, a few of us selected a bottle of wine to share. The cheapest on the menu (we have only just finished university after all) was a Moroccan white priced at £17. At the time I wasn’t especially interested in scrutinising the wine, but with its crisp, moreish quality, I knew I had to return to give it another try. Not only did I want to enjoy the wine again, but on a nice sunny day (a rarity in England), I would happily while away the hours on the terrace with an apple flavoured shisha pipe and a fancy cocktail.

With this in mind, the following week, my boyfriend and I paid Momo’s a visit. While pondering the selection of hot and cold mezze on the menu, we selected a couple of cocktails – I went for a gin martini with olives, which although pricey (£9 a cocktail), was served rather generously, while Luke settled on a Momo’s special – the closest thing to a mojito (his favourite) on offer.

Once we had eaten our share of hummus, chargrilled chicken skewers, prawns…the list goes on…we decided to share a bottle of the Moroccan white wine. This time I noted down the name – Guerrouane Blanc Les Trois Domaines 2010 Les Celliers de Meknes – and paid more attention to its scent and taste. Slightly greenish in hue, this blend of Sauvignon, Clairette and Ugni Blanc grapes is fresh and fruity with a low acidity. It made a refreshing change from the usual wines listed in London venues.

Situated on Heddon Street, just off of Regent Street, Momo’s isn’t the kind of place to visit if you are after a cheap post-work drink, and it is a little bit cliquey. However, if you fancy a treat, or your feet ache after too much shopping, I would definitely recommend sampling one of their tasty cocktails or sharing a bottle of the Guerrouane. If you aren’t lucky enough to have sunshine on the terrace, you can always park your bum on their comfy cushioned chairs inside and admire the impressive selection of chandeliers…

Fancy trying some Moroccan wine for yourself? Head over to The Smiling Grape Company, where you can pick up a bottle of the Guerrouane for a very reasonable £8.99.



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2 responses to “Moroccan Wine at Momo’s

  1. Aw that’s great that you went back! I want to try the cocktails too, had a sip of Sara’s and it was pretty tasty. Am embarrassed to say I don’t even know which wine I had, but I do know that I enjoyed it! And that cakestand pic brings back some happy food memories… 🙂 xxx

  2. The mezze bits and pieces are delish too! Very happy food memories! xx

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