The Last of the Sunshine

With the last of the summer sun went the last bottle of rosé from our Tesco case of six; the Roko Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2010 from Chile.

While not groundbreaking in terms of flavour and intensity, this crisp light wine, with flavours of raspberry and strawberry on the palate went well with the fading sunshine in my back garden.

At the moment, a case of 6 bottles will set you back £56.94 from Tesco, which I think is a little steep, however you can often pick it up on promotion.

Overall, I was uninspired by the case of rosés – of the 6 I started with, I would probably only buy one or two again (I remember enjoying the Faustino Rivero Rioja Rosado 2009, and the Kumala wasn’t bad).

While unimpressed with the case in general, a mixed case does allow you to try a variety of wines without committing to a case of 6 or 12 of the same ones. Even if you start off liking the wine, by number 10 you might be a bit sick of it!

At the moment, I’ve got my eye on this reasonably priced Autumnal selection from Majestic.


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