Clare Valley Riesling

In the past I was never much of a fan of Riesling (in fairness, I had only tried Jacobs Creek’s offerings), but recently I have sampled some delightfully fruity German wines (reviews to come), and I have really come to enjoy this distinctive grape.

Last Friday, I thought I would treat myself and spend a little extra than I usually would on a bottle of Australian Riesling.

While very different from German Rieslings, the bottle in question, a Tim Adams 2007 from Clare Valley, priced at around £10 in Tesco, was a delight to drink. Dry on the palate with a full body, slightly oily texture and spine-tingling acidity, this aromatic Riesling with citrus lime flavours was a corker!

This is an award-winning wine, and rightfully so considering its versatility. Try it young with a spicy chicken dish, or put it away in the cellar to allow the characteristic petrol-like aromas (sounds horrible I know, but each to their own) of Riesling to develop.


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