Christmas cocktails at Dirty Martini

It’s the 1st of December tomorrow and I am now annoyingly excited for Christmas. I have already munched my way through too many mince pies and I cannot wait to open the first door of my advent calendar in the morning!

In keeping with the festive theme, this month I’ll be letting you know all about what to drink to get yourself into the ‘spirit’ of Christmas (pardon the pun), anything from soft drinks to enjoy if you’re the designated driver, to tried-and-tested wine and turkey recommendations.

Just a stone’s throw away from my work, in the centre of Covent Garden, the mixologists at Dirty Martini have created some decadent cocktails to kickstart the countdown to Christmas.

Here are some of the creations Luke and I had the pleasure of sampling last night, all of which will be available at the Covent Garden branch from Friday.

Unfortunately, since Luke isn’t usually a fan of the sweet/ alcohol combination, I had to help him finish his!

Trifle Martini
Absolut Raspberry Vodka, Baileys, Chambord

Gingerbread Martini
Buffalo Trace, Butterscotch Schnapps, Stone’s Original Ginger Wine, pressed apple juice

Black Forest Martini
Absolut Vodka, Chambord, Crème de Fraise, cream

Candy Cane Martini
Absolut Vanilla, Peppermint Schnapps, club soda, candy cane garnish

Snowball Martini
Bacardi white rum, Butterscotch Schnapps, Amaretto, Kalua, Baileys

Of the five above, my favourite was the gingerbread martini – warming ginger with cinnamon and apple slices to garnish, it went down a treat. The candy cane martini was minty and crisp, and without the cream-based liqueurs, a little lighter on the waistline! I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get a candy cane, but the substitute (a stick of dark chocolate) worked well alongside the peppermint, and the waitress assured me that by Friday they will have all the necessary ingredients. Luke enjoyed the trifle martini, comparing it to raspberry ice cream, and the snowball martini was truly indulgent – rich and creamy, this would be perfect as an after dinner alternative to dessert. We didn’t try the black forest martini so you’ll have to let me know what that one is like.

(candy cane and gingerbread martinis)

    (snowball and trifle martinis)

    These Christmas cocktails will be available at the Covent Garden branch of Dirty Martini from Friday – head down after work between 5pm and 8pm to make the most of Happy Hour!

    Make sure you don’t miss the giant reindeer on the way…



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2 responses to “Christmas cocktails at Dirty Martini

  1. Jealous! I love Dirty Martini. I’ve GOT to try that candy cane one…xxx

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