Perfect party wines

Last week I was sent a selection of wines from Aldi. Prior to sampling the delightful Philippe Michel Crémant du Jura Sparkling Chardonnay at Christmas, I would have been a little wary of wines from this budget supermarket, however with an open mind, I tried two of the selection last weekend.

Here are my verdicts (wine snobs look away now):

Castellore Italia Pinot Grigio Frizzante Blush
Beautiful and pale salmon pink in colour with aromas of red fruit (raspberries and strawberries) and a pleasing gentle fizz, for £3.99 this has to be one of my greatest wine discoveries. It makes me wish it was New Year’s Eve/I was getting married/ having a 21st birthday party, just so I could stock up on this absolute bargain!

You might pull a face at this, but it went excellently with our Saturday night fish and chips (well, they say fizz and chips are a perfect match).

Castellore Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio doesn’t usually light my fire given the amount I have tried that are watery and insipid, however this Pinot Grigio has an intense nose and crisp minerality along with flavours of honeysuckle and ripe apricots. At £3.99 per bottle, you’d be mad not to pick up half a dozen next time you’re catering for the masses.

After the weekend I’ll be reviewing the two remaining wines from the Aldi selection sitting in my room (I’ll also remember to take my own pictures rather than relying on trusty Google).

Happy drinking!


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