Cinnamon Kitchen tasting menu

On Friday night I was one of those annoying people taking pictures of my dinner. Now I’m going to be controversial here as I know many people have strong feelings on the subject of food photography but – here goes – so what? I paid for it, my iphone was discreet, and I didn’t use a flash. If you’re sitting there flashing a giant SLR with a six inch lens then that’s another story but… anyway, my opinions aside, here are the pictures of a delicious, well put together selection of dishes from Abdul Yaseen, Head Chef at Cinnamon Kitchen.

photo(5)Onion bhajis and pea purée – compliments of the chef

photo(2)Crisp lobster claw with cognac flambéed lobster broth

photo(6)Grilled duck breast with goan spices and fennel and passion fruit raita

photo(3)Coconut and pineapple sorbet

photo(7)Seared black bream with kokum berries, sprouted brocolli and quinoa salad

photo(8)Rajasthani roast saddle of red deer, pickling sauce and chilli potato wedges

photo(9)Warm chocolate mousse with cinnamon ice cream

On this occasion, wine wasn’t the focus of the evening but if you really want to splash out, try the tasting menu with wine pairings. It will set you back an extra £35 per head (£95pp instead of £60pp) but with the Cinnamon Club’s incredible wine list, I doubt you’ll be disappointed!


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