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Road trip!

The four words ‘day trip to France’ would usually spark fear deep within me as I recall school trips spent cramped on a coach with driving rain lashing against the windows and a nausea-inducing ferry trip home to look forward to. It was only after tasting (and drinking) a delicious rosé that my cousin picked up for less than €2/bottle on her latest ‘booze cruise’ to Calais that I even considered going on such a day trip again. On the promise of lots of cheese and wine, my sister, mum and I managed to convince our other halves to come along with us – as designated drivers of course – and off we trotted.

Despite the boys’ wish to take the Eurotunnel, nostalgia won out and we decided to take the ferry. While we did have to get up ridiculously early to drive to Dover and it did chuck it down with rain the whole day, we spent an enjoyable day bimbling around Boulogne Sur Mer, and we picked up quite a stash of wine for Christmas. The cheese, you ask? Well, we ate that as soon as we got home!

Watch this space over the festive period for my thoughts on some of the bottles we picked up across the Channel.

1390663_10153451302405252_469471230_nView from the ferry

1395291_10153451300635252_198182449_nThe wet streets of Boulogne Sur Mer

1441468_10153451601230252_2041836835_nOur Christmas collection


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