Stuck in a rut?

We’re all in danger of getting stuck in a bit of a ‘rut’ – whether that be through eating the same sandwich from Pret day-in-day-out, wishing our lives away in search of our next holiday, or sipping the same old Sauvignon Blanc every Friday night. With this in mind, I wanted to flag a couple of interesting wines I’ve tasted recently to mix it up a little. 

German Merlot

If you have sipped a German wine, it’s likely to have been either a white Riesling or a red Pinot Noir, both of which are delicious and readily available in supermarkets and independent merchants. But like me, I imagine German Merlot is a bit of a mystery to you and it was with this in mind that I tried this one from wine-making brothers Alexander and Martin of Emil Bauer & Söhne, based in the Pfalz region.


This red has all of the characteristic flavours associated with Merlot – vanilla and ripe plum – along with an enticing, spicy finish. Pick up a bottle of My Merlot is Not the Answer from online wine merchant Red Squirrel along with a range of other interesting varietals.

Bulgarian Cabernet Sauvignon and Mavrud

I first tried Bulgarian wine on a skiing trip to Bulgaria and was totally surprised at the quality of the house wine served in little tumblers at the bottom of the slopes. On our way home, we picked up a bottle of Pulden Winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Mavrud 2009.


Made in the southwest Thracian region of Bulgaria, this red packed a punch with flavours of blackcurrant and raspberry leaf with a hint of menthol and chocolate on the finish – a lush red perfect to accompany those wintry stews you might be cooking up in the coming weeks.

I’ve yet to find a stockist for this wine in the UK but head to online wine merchant SWIG to discover some Bulgarian gems.

Have a great weekend!


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